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    Repair Center     24 Goodge Street, London W1T 2QF    
  Laptop/Desktop Repair    
    Specialist in Laptop repairs .  
    No Fix - No Fees.  
    Satisfaction Guaranteed.  
    Same day engineer callouts available.  
    Same day diagnostic and repair.  
    Keyboards Problems   Power Problems.  
    Loose Modem Socket   Display Problems.    
  Data Recovery    
    We Recover Data From...  
    Any Hard Disk from RAID to Laptop.  
    Any Media - CDs,DVDs or even any other Digital Memory.  
    Any Storage Format, New or Old.  
    Any Corrupted File, Database, Email System - Oracle,
   Exchange, Outlook, Notes, Access etc.
    Including Virus Damage.    
    Most of Operation Systems -Win2003, WinXP, Win2000,
   WinNT, Win98, Win95, UNIX, NetWare.
  Network Installation and Supply    
    We are dedicated Microsoft Solution Provider, specialise in...  
    Local Area Network(LAN) design and installation.  
    Wireless Network Solutions.  
    Remote Network Solutions.  
    Workstation Installations.  
    Switch/Router Installations.  
    Print Server/ Network Printing.  
    Security Implementation and test.  
    Modem Communication  
    Network Support and Administration.    
  Software Installation    
    We can guarantee software supports in various forms.  
    We Supply, Install and Configure most of softwares.  
    We Upgrade and Update softwares.  
    We Troubleshooting exiesting problems.  
    We Train on specific products available.  
  Internet Solutions    
    We are specialise in...    
    Dynamic Web Solutions for Business Objects.    
    Integration with most of Databases.  
    Integration with Multimedia Effects.  
  Virus Removal  
    We provide manual Virus Removal as there are some viruses
   can't be detected by AntiVirus Softwares
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